Erich von Däniken trail

Tour Hälteli 305, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On the biographical Erich von Däniken trail, you will learn many interesting facts about the world-famous best-selling author and Beatenberg citizen Erich von Däniken.

Author: bilderbeck

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16 Stations

1 Start The Erich von Däniken Path

Hälteli 400D, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On panel 1 you can read what the Erich von Däniken Way is about. Dive into a fascinating world and read what has moved Erich throughout his life.
Tap on the headphone symbol and listen to him. (only in German at the moment)

2 Childhood and Youth

Wydi 378, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On panel 2 you will learn more about Erich's childhood and which book inspired him and raised many questions.

3 Apprenticeship

Bei der Kirche 197D, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On panel 3 you can read about the profession Erich learned and why his stay in the Mexican town of Villahermosa became a key experience.

4 The lateral thinker

Tiefe 202A, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On panel 4, the well-traveled Erich von Däniken explains his way of thinking and how he sees many parallels in different independent cultures.

5 Restaurant proprietor and hotelier

Schopfen 215B, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

Panel 5 describes Erich's life in the sixties, his marriage, his work in the restaurant business and his first journalistic activities.

6 The hotel Rosenhügel

Lehmatte 156, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On panel 6 you can read that Erich was able to pursue his passion in addition to his work at the Hotel Rosenhügel.

7 Chariots of the gods

Lood 310E, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

In the meantime, Erich has written a total of 44 books. Panel 7 shows you how his first book came about and what great success he was able to celebrate with it.

8 I am who I am ...

Gütsch 226, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On panel 8 you will learn how it hailed criticism after the first book of Erich von Däniken, how he dealt with it and how it continued.

9 EvD, a dreamer?

Kühlauenen 119B, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On panel 9 you will learn how Erich von Däniken was pigeonholed and how he steered this circumstance into factual channels.

10 Radio, Television and Dokumentation

Hubelmatt 109, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

You have reached panel 10. There you can see how the ideas of Erich von Däniken have been processed by the media in TV shows or films.

11 The most beautiful place in the world

Stockbrunnen 90, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On panel 11 you will learn about Erich's favorite place and how the first ideas for a museum came about.

12 Mystery Park

Schmockenstrasse 247, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

You can read about how a park was built with the great mysteries of this world on panel 12.

13 Travel and tourism

Giebel 85C, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On plate 13 you can see how, based on the books of Erich von Däniken, many organizations offer trips to mysterious places and where they go.

14 The zeitgeist is changing

Schmockenweg 46, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

Plate 14 explains how the acceptance of Erich von Däniken's ideas has changed over time.

15 Honors and prizes

Schmockenweg 66C, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On panel 15 you will read a amusing story about a special watch that Erich received as a gift. And you'll find a list of honors and awards.

16 Voices from science on Erich von Däniken’s theories

Hubel 114, 3803 Beatenberg, CH

On panel 16 you will find various quotes from scientists about Erich von Däniken and his hypotheses.

And now have a drink at the bar of the Dorint. With a little luck you will meet Erich von Däniken there.