Scottland Festivals

City tour Isle of Tiree, GB

Scottland festivals

Author: Amanda Azadeh

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Tiree Music Festival

Isle of Tiree, GB

Tiree Music Festival
The First Sight on Our Tour will be the Tiree Music Festival (TMF), it is a Festival on an Island named Tiree (Schottland) and which nickname is Hawaii of the north. This Festival is famous for its size and itimicy. There is a Limit of 2000 people allowed on the Festival that why it is so Special for the Most People to get there. The founder of the TMF is a band named skaryvooe, Theyre Inspiration to found it came from other Festivals so They wanted to create Theire own Festival back Home. The Island is a beatiful Location to celebrate, because of its dunes, Beach Promenades and its surfspots. The Festival has 10 national Awards. Interestingly i found that the people dont sleep in an Hotel but in Tents. If you Like scottish Music, this is Perfect for you. You will hear many bagpipes an violets. In addiction you cant reach the Island by car that why you gotta take the ship of flight.

Kelburn Garden Party

Largs, GB

Kelburn Garden Party
The next sight is the Kelburn Garden Party, it is a Festival in Scottland (Kelburn) wäre you can listen to many Music styles. It isn‘t just a Festival for for Music Beschuss there are many other activities which you can do there Like visit Pop up parties, Go to waterfalls and do many other cool activities. It is a Festival for the whole Family and really Loved By all Kids which Like fayritales. It takes Place around the Kolburn Castle which is 90 Minuten away from Edinburgh. The Main Attraktion is the Glen. The Glen is a Giant George next to the Garden Party. In the Glen you can See Waterfalls and it is Full with flowers, ferns, Schubs and trees. It is the Perfect Spot to relax. In the evening there are many Pop up parties and Party Rooms. There are many Attraktion for Kids Like the hidden forest project, where you canseemtheaters and Performances. There Are also many permantly guarded Playgrounds

Belladrum Tartan festival

Belladrum Farm Cottages 3, IV4 7BA Beauly, GB

The Belladrum Tartan Festival. The Most unique and anticipated music and art festival in Scotland. It's known for the wide ranging of music genres like rock, pop, indie, folk, electronic and more. It's also very family friendliy with a amazing atmosphere and the camping there is so much fun. The Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival features various arts, theather performances, workshops and other activitys for any age. The festival was at first established by a music lover and farmer whos called Joe Gibbs in the year 2004. Joe's dream was to create an event, which contains many music genres, from Indie to folk and showcase talents from all over the world. With the help of valunteers and local buisnesses was Joe able to create the festival. Now, The Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival has grown popularity and attracts thousands of people every year. The festival earned 10 awards and 7 achievments for it's amazing and unique experience which you should definetly see yourself.

Eden Festival

PL24 2SG Par, GB

The Eden Festival. A famous music and art festival in Scotland. The festival features a diverse lineup of live music and DJs across many genres, including indie, electronic, pop, folk, reggae and more. It's known for the various workshops, art installations, theather performances and alot of family activities which brings a creative and artistic atmosphere to the festival. The Eden Festival has also a district sense of community and eco-consciousness. The timeline of the whole festival is 3 days from the 13th till 16th June. In the back of the time, was the Eden Festival created in
2009. It began at first as a area of the Wickerman Festival in 2002 and then turning from a small area Into a big festival.
The Eden Festival has now 11 different areas with music stages, taverns, a lounge, disco, workshops, the kids area and many more.
You should definetly give the Eden Festival a try for an unforgetable and beautiful experience