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City tour, exhibition guide, guided walks, interactive pub tour or personal audio guide?

With DigiWalk, (almost) everything is possible. Simply register on our website and create your own tours. The tours are then played on our apps for iPhone and Android. Free and without ads!

Our FAQ topics at a glance: The most frequently asked questions about DigiWalk.

What is DigiWalk?

With DigiWalk you can implement digitally guided city tours, exhibition guides, walks, pub tours or personal audio guides and then offer them to visitors. It is (almost) anything possible. Everything works intuitively and easily in one web interface. This makes it easy to constantly expand the content and keep it up-to-date.

Through our apps, your content is then easily accessible to every visitor without registration – free of charge and ad-free!

Why should I use DigiWalk?

There are many reasons to create your own guidewith DigiWalk. Here are a few examples:

  • You are planning an exhibition. Why not give your guest little more information about your pieces using DigiWalk?
  • You are a tourist information and have an incredible knowledge of your city, your place or your community? Share your knowledge and create a city tour as an audio guide. Simply let guests and interested parties experience more with your knowledge.
  • You rent rooms or apartments to guests and want to offer added value? Give them your own city tour or shopping tour with DigiWalk.
  • You want to give visitors more information on your product at your convention booth? Create a QR-code using DigiWalk, print it, hang it and all the attendees of the convention have all the information at their disposal using the DigiWalk-App!

Can anyone create guided tours?

Yes! Anyone can register for free and create their own guides as audio guides.

If it happens that guided tours are published that do not comply with the social guidelines or violate the copyright, we are dependent on your cooperation – if you notice such an audio guide, please report it and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

Well then, how can I create my own guided tour?

First create an account with DigiWalk by registering for free. After your successful account activation - you are set up and ready to start:

  • Create new guide / audiogudie.
  • Add stations.
  • Add texts, music, audio, images and videos.
  • Enter data for navigation.
  • Publish - done!

What system requirements is required for the DigiWalk app?

We provide the DigiWalk app for Android as well as Apple smartphones.

The following operating system versions are required to install the DigiWalk app:

For Android: 4.4 and later
For iOS: 10 and later

What are Walks?

Walks are guided tours (e.g. city tours, hikes, art paths etc.) created by our users, which can then be presented to the public. All that a visitor needs is our cost and ad free app (available for Apple and Android devices).

What are stations?

Stations are the specific locations in your Walk at which you want to show something to your visitors, e.g. a historic building, a specific tree or a piece of art.

Can I have my account deleted?

Of course! A deletion of your data can be requested at any time.

No registration or account is required for using app and view walks. Only for walk creators we require a registration for technical reasons.

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