A walk around santibañez de vidriales

Tour Calle Fraguas 9, 49610 Santibáñez de Vidriales, ES

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5 Stations

story arc

This arch is more than 100 years old, it is located at the entrance to the Santibañez de Vidriales municipal park.This arch was built in 1923 by evergisto to separate the upper neighborhood and the lower neighborhood at that time. this arch name is El arco De El Feria and it has gone from separating two neighborhoods to being the symbol of the town

the church old

The church has a peculiar history since a priest wanted to change the church but the others did not want it so he burned it, the rest is history since what remains are the ruins since they changed it almost 50 years later.

petavonium museum

this museum it has many archaeological remains from the Roman camp . This camp was made at the end of the 1st century before Christ.Many remains were found and are in the municipal museum of the town.Some of the findings have been vessels, coins, tombstones, pieces of possible glasses or plates.That is if you want to see the camp you have to go along the road that connects Santibañez de Vidriales and fente encalada.

wildlife museum

This museum arrived in our town at the beginning of February, and since then more than 3000 people have visited it.It is a small exhibition of the most interesting animals from each continent, admission is free and there will be exhibitions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends.


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