Guide of Burg Greifenstein

Other Talstraße 19, 35753 Greifenstein, DE

This is a Prototype for a virtual Tour around Castle Greifenstein in the Lahn-Dill-Kreis.

Author: Heiko Müller

Über 100 Glocken anschlagbar!

Über 100 Glocken anschlagbar!

Die Glockenwelt Burg Greifenstein liegt zwischen Westerwald und Lahntal und ist ein Denkmal von n...

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Start of the Tour

Talstraße 19, 35753 Greifenstein, DE

Welcome to Castle Greifenstein. We present you the audio guide with pictures and audio descriptions of the different points of interest of the castle. Click on the audio symbol to start the descriptions. The music you hear is licence free material from (The Artists are: Lexin Music, dueg-oth, JuliusH, Nesrality)

Lower Court /Schütte

Talstraße 19, 35753 Greifenstein, DE

We are now in the lower Court. This ist the starting point of our expedition of the castle and its different points of interest. We do already see the deep prison opposite of the cashier house, the Bell Musuem in the old bulwark "Horsemill", the Baroque Church und the entrance to the upper parts of the castle with the twin towers and the upper court. Before starting your walk take a look to the south over the large wall. Here you have an impressing look on the southern part of the Dill valley and other points of interest in the Region.

The Kitchen Court

Talstraße 5, 35753 Greifenstein, DE

This was a court near one of the various kitchens, that existed in the course of history of the castle. From here you can see the twin towers "The Nassauer Tower" and "The Brother Tower". In front of us are the ruins of buildings, that surrounded the former upper court. All these buildings were three stories high. Looking towards the towers we see the rest of the kitchen and the rooms of the servants. Above this there were living rooms of the count. On the right hand You see the former Pallas with the great hall of knights. Between these buildings there was the entrance to the upper court.