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Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh, GB

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is a historic castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. The castle was built on top of a rock consisting of ¹dolerite, which was formed from lava millions of years ago.

Edinburgh Castle is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Scotland. From the early nineteenth century onwards, the castle is considered one of the national heritage of Scotland. The castle is considered one of the most attacked places in the world, from 1100 to 1745 the castle was besieged 26 times,
²The castle was repeatedly besieged, destroyed and rebuilt.
It is now one of the most important tourist attractions in Scotland,
³ Millions of visitors visit it every year. In 2019, 2.20 million visitors visited the castle.

In my opinion, a visit to this castle would be wonderful to learn about ancient civilizations and see the beauty of the ancient building and architectural creativity.

You can say that a place  worth a visit, but we do not know maybe it will be destroyed again, so we must visit it.


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The Jacobite

PH33 6TQ Fort William, GB

The Jacobite
The Jacobite (also known as the Jacobite Steam Train) is a steam-powered heritage train in Scotland, running from Fort William to Mallaig on a section of the West Highland Line.  The train is named after the Jacobites, whose last uprising against the British crown began in 1745 in Glenfinnan, a town on the route the train travels.  The train is operated by the West Coast Railway Company, which operates steam-powered charter trains on various routes in Great Britain.

The train starts in Fort William near Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain, passes Britain's westernmost railway station (Arisaig), passes Britain's deepest freshwater lake (Loch Morar) and one of Britain's shortest rivers (Morar) to Mallaig.  The route length for the return trip is 135 kilometers.  The journey takes around two hours one way.

On the way the train stops at Glenfinnan , where Bonnie Prince Charlie raised his standard during the last Jacobite rising in 1745. Shortly before the train station, , the route leads over the Glenfinnan Viaduct , which is best known from the Harry Potter films . The viaduct has 21 arches and offers good views over Loch Shiel . The train stops at Glenfinnan station for around 20 minutes, so you can visit the museum located in the station. It shows exhibits and pictures of the construction of the route.

The train then stops at Arisaig and the Mallaig terminus. On days with good views you can see the small islands of Rum , Eigg , Muck and Canna as well as the southern part of the Isle of Skye .





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