Game Of Thrones - Northern Ireland

Tour Dunboe Road 109, BT51 4JN Coleraine, GB

The tour shows some oft the Sights and filming locations oft the well known TV Show Game of Thrones

Author: Andrei Turcan

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Mussenden Temple

Coleraine, GB

Mussenden Temple

The Temple of Mussenden is an iconic building which lays on the edge of a cliff that gives you a beautfiul view over the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in Northern Ireland near the Downhill beach and has an interesting history and is a architectural masterpiece.

In the year 1785 this themple was built by Frederick Hervey which is the 4th Earl of Bristol and Bishop of
Derry. Frederick Harvey got his inspiration from the Temple of Apollo that is located in Italy and he was
fascinated when he saw this temple during his travels through some states of Europe.
As we have heard the name of the builder and the name of the temple we can not find any context and
that is because he named the Temple after his cousin Frideswide Mussenden because they got a
briliant relationship and did something for eachother. When the temple got built it had to face a challenges in
1851 where it got destroyed nearby by fire.
In 1947 the temple was donated to the National Trust and they have managed to preserve the temple
and is now a sight for tourist to see the building of the 4th earl of bristol.

In my view, you have to visit this sight if you are in Ireland because you have a beautiful view from the temple
to the Atlantic Ocean and nearby the temple you can go to the Downhill Beach and hang out with your friends
or family and do activities like water sports or scenic walks.
It is definitely worth it to visit this sight one time in in his life.

Binevenagh Forest

Limavady, GB

If you look after a bit of a longer adventure in the Northern Ireland than you should definetly go visit the gorgeous Binevenagh Forest.
The Binevenagh Forest is situated in South of Northern Ireland.
It is one of the most beautiful region in the country of Northern Ireland.
There you can enjoy beautiful countryside, gorgeous landscapes, a lake stocked with rainbow troat and watch the soaring birds in the forest.
The forest is well known for its impressive cliffs, wich give a perfect alpine cliff ledge for many plants and mosses.
The cliffs in the forest were created when the lava flows were at their most violent point.

You should also pay attention to safety signs because there might be restricted acces to some parts of the forest due security reasons.

At the bottom oft the cliff there is a stone wich today is known as the Finn MacCool Finger Stone wich is relating to the giant that lived in that area many years ago.

Another interesting fact about the Binevenagh Forest and also the Binevenagh Mountain is that a few scenes from the well known TV Show ,,Game Of Thrones,, or ,,GOT,, were filmed there.
The area was used as the ,,Dothraki Sea,, in Season five. In that scene Daenerys finds a hurt Dragon and moments later she is capturated and taken as a prisoner by the Dothraki riders.

So if you are the type of person who loves adventures and nature than in my opinion the Binevenagh Forest is the perfect place to visit as your next destination.


Marble Arch Caves

Marlbank Road 76, BT92 1ET Enniskillen, GB

The Marble Arch Caves are located in Florencecourt, Northern Ireland. The Marble Arch Caves are famous for being in the game of thrones series, so if you want to see Dondartion's hideout from the series you should absolutely visit it.
The tour which you can complete in approximately in 75 Min.
The Marple Arch Caves were formed over 340 Million years ago and the depth can reach Max. 94 meters. The marple arch cares were named after the nearby marple arch, which is a limestone arch in Cladagh
In my opinion it is definetly worth a visit if you are a game of thrones fan and even if not, the caves look so interesting and beautiful that you don't have to be an Game of Thrones fan to visit the caves.
All in one it is a great place which was formed a million years ago, it's definitely worth a visit.

Ballygally Castle

Coast Road 328, BT40 2QZ Larne, GB

The Ballygally Castle is locted in the small village of Ballygally in Northern Ireland.
Now days the castle is used as a hotel and it stands as the only 17th century building in the Northern Ireland wich is still used as a residence.
It is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in all of Ulster.

The castle was built in 1625 by James Shaw and his wife Isabella Brisbane.
Shaw was a scottish native who came to Ireland to seek his fortune.
In 1613 he recived he recived some land from Earl of Antrim and so he decided to build the castel for him and his wife.
In the 1950s the texile millionaire Cyril Lord bought the castel and tranformed it into the hotel we see today.

Also the TV Show ,,Game of Thrones,, was filmed in the areas surrounding the Ballygally Castle.
There is a possibility to take part to an three-day voyage and discover the fantasy of the author George Martin yourself.
The voyage takes you to where many of the scenes from the show were shot.

In my opinion the Ballygally Castle is worth a visit beacuse it is a place full of history but also a really nice and quiet place to spent your time with family or friends.


Dark Hedges

The dark hedges are a 
famous tourist
attraction due to it being in the game of thrones series
They are located near a village called the 
Village of armory. The trees which are formed like a tunnel were planted in the 18th century. It's important to remember that efforts have been done to protect these amazing trees, so when you visit the dark hedges remember to check for
access restrictions ect. 
A little into about the
dark hedges are that, in game of thrones series the hedges were the kingsroad, a big road in the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Arya Stark was seen here, disguised as a boy, escaping hing's Landing. My personal opinion is, it's a beautiful place were a lot of pictures can be taken, you can experience a good time, looking at these beautiful old trees. In the end we can say that you won't loose anything if you visit it. And it's also a great natural place which is a plus. 

Marble Arch Caves

The March Able Caves which is nestled in the scenic foothills of Cuilcagh Mountain, stand as a prominent destination for tourist. It was formed over 340 million years ago and today visitors can explore the caves, rivers, mountains
and waterfalls so they have many activities to do there.

We know that the caves were there million of years ago but they were not explored until the late 1900`s
and the Explorers did document their findings and there are still geologist and speleologists which are exploring till now. On the 29th May 1985 the caves were opened and became a tourist spot within 2 months. Northern Ireland recognized in these 2 months that the caves are important to attract the tourists because of the beauty of the caves.
In 2001/2002, the Global Networks came to the conclusion that the area of the Marble Arch Caves are now part of it and is to find at „Geopark“. Till this date many tourists are attracted to these Caves and is a wonder for geologicals and is one of the most mysteries Landscape of our planet.

In my Opinion, you can visit this sight in Northern Ireland if you are interested in geological wonders and if you love some spectacular places, then it`s definitely your time to go.

Now that the geological wonder and historical secret got shared by the Caves, it is cooler than before and you can
Do also many pictures from everywhere and have memories that you can share your friends or family