Gauting: An audiovisual guide

Tour Bahnhofstraße 1, 82131 Gauting, DE

Gauting is a municipality in the district of Starnberg situated on the river Würm southwest of Munich. In this Walk, you will discover the most beautiful sights of this small town and get to know interesting insights about the people who live there.

Author: Felix Schwarz

5 Stations

Bosco cultural center

Oberer Kirchenweg 1, 82131 Gauting, DE

The "Bosco" was opened on 7 October 2005 by the municipality of Gauting as a community and cultural center. It is centrally located in Gauting between the river Würm and the railway station of Gauting.

The "Bosco" can be booked by associations and private individuals for cultural events as well as for private celebrations, anniversaries and conferences of all kinds. From the former “Don Bosco home” of the Catholic parish, whose name goes back to St. John Bosco, it used to have a typical home and gymnasium character in the beginning. With a fundamental renovation, an attractive meeting house was created, which is now led by the Theaterforum Gauting e.V. (Theater Forum Gauting registered association). The 'Theaterforum' operates the theater office which is responsible for bookings, rentals, advance ticket sales, and other organizational matters.

The heart of the "Bosco" is the large hall with a large stage and a stand for spectators for about 300 people. There is also a small hall on the ground floor and the "Bar Rosso" on the first floor. It is great that all rooms are barrier-free. Almost every second day, an event takes place in the cultural center and many of them are sold out.

The cultural program is creative and covers everything from cabaret and drama to chamber music. For example, the drama group "Kulunka Teatro" with José Dault performed their play "Solitudes" in Gauting. But also an exhibition of photographers sponsored by local companies such as Webasto, Bayerischer Rundfunk (“BR-Klassik”) and the Bavarian Chamber of Architects was a great success.

Castle Fußberg

Am Schloßpark 16, 82131 Gauting, DE

The "Schloss Fußberg" (translated into castle “foot-mountain”) is the only castle in Gauting. It is located in the north-eastern part of Gauting left to the river Würm.

The castle "Fußberg" was first built in about 1200. After it had been destroyed, Paul Dießen redesigned it in 1721. From 1894 to 1897 the castle was converted for the third time to its present form. It was in this time that the beautifully landscaped park was laid out around "Fußberg".

Today, the Engel & Zimmermann AG, a joint-stock company, runs the castle. The old barn called "Remise" is booked for concerts thanks to its brilliant acoustic. Additionally, there is an annual summer festival that takes place from May to June.
Hungry visitors can have lunch in the Italian restaurant "Ristorante Gennaro" in the former tack room and enjoy the cozy atmosphere with a hot plate of pasta.

St. Benedikt Church (catholic)

Pfarrweg 3, 82131 Gauting, DE

"St. Benedikt" is one of the three churches in Gauting. The other two churches are the "Christuskirche" and the "Frauenkirche". Some other rectories of Gauting are in Stockdorf, Unterbrunn, Planegg, and Buchendorf. "St. Benedikt" is located in the center of Gauting directly at Münchener Straße. But now let's go back to the history of "St. Benedikt".

In the year 800, the church was a present to the well-known monastery Benediktbeuern. However, the form of the building changed over the years and the tower is the only part which is still left from the foundations of the 15th century.

The current building was built from 1934 to 1935 by Georg Buchner. It is a huge construction with old and beautiful pictures inside. The paintings create a special atmosphere that can be experienced best during the church services on Sundays. Maybe you will also get the chance to talk to Dr. Ulrich Babinsky who has been the priest since March 2018. If not, you can just enjoy the silence in this quiet place where you can pray and be for yourself.

Cinema Breitwand

Bahnhofplatz 2, 82131 Gauting, DE

The cinema "Breitwand" in Gauting is one of around ten cinemas belonging to the same company. The first one was opened in 1986 in Gilching when Matthias Helwig bought the already existing cinema and made it his own. It was closed in 1998 but reopened one year later.

This one right here also belongs to Matthias Helwig and was opened in 2016, so it’s still pretty new. It has over 350 seats and five auditoriums. There’s a restaurant in the same building called "Tati" (named after the renowned French actor, screenplay writer, and director Jacques Tati) but it’s only been there for about two months. But if you don't want to go there for having a big meal, you can also buy popcorn and other snacks at the front desk of the cinema.

Since "Breitwand" is right next to the train station, it’s very easy to get to, if you live somewhere else. Almost every single movie is played in German and English (with German subtitles), so if you don’t speak German you can still watch movies there (and understand them). There’s even a discount for students and children under 12 and on Mondays, it’s “cinema day” so it only costs half as much for everyone.


82131 Gauting, DE

The "Reismühle" (translated into 'rice mill') was built in 1314 in a beautiful scenery: it's located in between the river Würm and one of its arms, fields, and the forest in the southern part of Gauting.

Nowadays, the "Reismühle" is officially a historical monument. Ever since it was built, it has been rumored to be the birthplace of Charles the Great and there's also a legend that tells the story of how that would have happened. However, it's quite unlikely that this story is actually true.

Since 1996, many ateliers and studios have been starting to establish themselves near the "Reismühle", which resulted in a community of about 40 artists of all kinds that are based there today. From time to time, there are common activities and attractions like the Ateliertage (atelier days) that take place annually in the mid of July.

If you're not into arts, there is also a gym called “WORKOUT FITNESS” right next to the Reismühle. It's very popular amongst the inhabitants of Gauting, because of the wonderful atmosphere and the people you can meet there.