Guide to the Ilkahöhe

Tour 82327 Tutzing, DE

A guide from the train-station in Tutzing to the Ilkahöhe. This non-commercial walk was created in 2021 as part of a project (“P-Seminar”) at Gymnasium Tutzing.”

Author: Jane Doe

5 Stations

Train-station Tutzing

This marks the beginning of your way to the Ilkahöhe.


You'll learn about a river and get a chance to enjoy the forest.

The Martelshof

You'll be informed about a farm and receive the information you need to continue your journey.

The Jungholz-forest

Once again, you'll be educated about your surroundings and then be given the relevant information to continue your hike. Upon finishing this, I recommend you seek out my colleagues guide "Ilkahöhe Audioguide".

The Forsthaus

You'll learn about a restaurant and beer garden.