Tour Square Aristotle 7, 546 24 Thessaloniki, GR

Welcome to our sustainable audio guide for Hanover and Thessaloniki

Author: Leibniz Universität Hannover

3 Stations

Metro and Central Station

Αγίων Πάντων 6, 546 27 Thessaloniki, GR

Hello and welcome to the first station of the audio guide in Thessaloniki. Our mascot „Sustainable Socrates'' awaits you at the Central Station which is also supposed to be the new heart of the metro under construction and also our first stop. The 1.6 billion project began construction in 2006 and will add a new dimension to the city when it is finished in 2024. The upcoming connection between the Central Station and the Airport runs along the Egnatia, the main road of Thessaloniki, and consists of 18 stops and two lines. Hopes are, it will redefine mobility in the city and provide a sustainable, fast and reliable means of transport for its residents and visitors. At the moment public transport is done exclusively by bus in a city already dominated by cars and traffic jams. The new metro has the potential to provide relief. As a green and cheap alternative it could decrease the traffic volume in the city and therefore increase the quality of air and quality of life itself. However, the commissioning is still in the distance and was already delayed further and further due to several archeology sites that were found in the ground. As a result, the project is sometimes somewhat ridiculed by the residents, because there is always a new issue that keeps delaying construction. According to Stratos, only the next delay is reliable so far.