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City tour Hauptstraße 6, 63808 Haibach, DE

Wir laden Sie ein, alle Sehenswürdigkeiten und Besonderheiten unserer Heimat zu besuchen. Wir versprechen Ihnen interessante Entdeckungen!

Author: Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Haibach e.V.

Startseite Haibach entdecken – Haibach entdecken

Startseite Haibach entdecken – Haibach entdecken

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30 Stations

Welcome to a tour of Haibach's sights.

See, hear and experience this interesting area!
Welcome to a tour of Haibach's sights.
(Grünmorsbach and Dörrmorsbach can be found on separate guides).
With pictures, short texts and audio samples, the Audio Guide provides information on the sights visited. You’ll find more details,
background information and the historical reference to the individual locations on the Internet (
The audio texts are also available in German and French.
A printed walking guide will take you on several tours of the individual locations.
Let's start with the Hawischer Buchfinken (Haibach’s Chaffinches) singing a song of praise to our village, with lyrics by Friedel Aulbach.

round the cultural and sports hall

Zum Stadion 16, 63808 Haibach, DE

Cultural and sports hall:
* Triple-purpose gym
* Conference rooms
* Bowling alley
* Ritter Heydebach Restaurant
* Stadium
* Artificial turf pitch
* Skating rink
* Parking site for campervans

Dörnhof – Crèche

Rudolf-Harbig-Straße 15, 63808 Haibach, DE

* Dörnhof: An old estate belonging to the Schmerlenbach Monastery and the diocesan seminarian fund of Würzburg.
* Crèche „Little Discoverers“

near the tennis Club clubhouse

Dörnhofstraße 1, 63808 Haibach, DE

* The Tennis Club clubhouse and 4 courts
* Motorsport Club and clubhouse at the former BMX track
* Amateur football pitch
* Dörngraben is a nature reserve from "Lichtengrün" to Aschaffenburg /Schweinheim

St. John of Nepomuk, the "Pumecenes"

Würzburger Straße 103, 63808 Haibach, DE

St. John of Nepomuk, the "Pumecenes".
- 1736 erected "outside the village" - here at the "Chaussee" since 1783
- Annual procession in May
- Riddle of the capital letters: the total results in the year of construction
* Lime tree dated 1783, under protection as a natural monument
* On the hill: police station 1920 - 1963
* Tavern Zur Linde alias "Bonzer“ near by

“The Triangle“ – Haibach’s Showpiece

63808 Haibach, DE

The Triangle, Haibach’s Showpiece:
memorial stone for Haibach’s 800th anniversary; big letters HAWISCH
* Restaurants:
the “Tavern zur Linde“ – “Lime Tree Tavern“,
The Pizzeria Triangolo; the former inn “Zum Dreieck“
“Haibacher Döner“ – “Kebab House“
“Restaurant Lucullus“ + Cara´s Café
the former “Hotel Wenzelhof“
opposite is the flat-roofed garage for the workers’ bus service to Aschaffenburg since 1896
Beyond it is the 80 year old oak tree, which is protected as a natural monument.
Further along in the direction of Grünmorsbach is “Diem Phuc“, a Vietnamese restaurant.
Further up, in the Jahnstraße, we come to the “Hotel Spessartstuben“.

Youth centre and cemetery

Freiheitstraße 5, 63808 Haibach, DE

* Youth centre and club house, (Formerly the Capitol Cinema)
* Village cemetery since 1823;
- since 1926 War Memorial;
- picture in the funeral hall by Bergmann-Franken;
- columbarium
- wall of urns and wall with gravestones

Brother Claus Church

Freiheitstraße 4, 63808 Haibach, DE

* Brother Claus Church since 1963 (Painting by Father Polykarb Uehlein)
* Memorial for the Deceased and the Fallen

at the town hall

Hauptstraße 6, 63808 Haibach, DE

Town Hall ( Built in 1899 as a girls' school; town hall since 1938)
* Field Maple planted in 2007 to commemorate 20 years partnership with Marck.
* Home of the local historical society, former fire station, Red Cross house, social housing, municipal archives
* The Old Schoolhouse: 1938 to 1966 elementary school, Today: Adalbert Liebmann School, club rooms, library

in the Schollstraße

Schollstraße 2, 63808 Haibach, DE

* Senior citizens' day centre, former inn "Zum Hirschen" (Först)
* Elbert Farm, built around 1800 comprising, barn; farm house, the stove is under monument protection
* Scholze House (formerly Mayor's House)

former village centre

Schollstraße 27A, 63808 Haibach, DE

former village centre:
* Nepomuk Church 1848 - 1963
* War memorial 1895 - 1964
* Boys' school 1807 - 1987
* First chapel 1733 - 1848 with cemetery
The Lime Tree planted 1895 still exists

The old village centre today

Schollstraße 26, 63808 Haibach, DE

The old village centre housed:
* the former inn "Zum Grünen Baum", now a farm (Ebert)
* the former inn "Zum Weißen Ross" and bakery, now called: Old Church
* the Anna House, fomer art gallery

in the Forest division "Buch”

Ankergasse 42, 63808 Haibach, DE

Forest division "Buch”:
* he oak near the Mandolin Players' clubhouse is a natural monument
* The oak near the Rifle Club clubhouse is a natural monument
* Mandolin Players’ clubhouse
* Rifle Club clubhouse
* Elevated water reservoir
* Educational apiary

at the chapel of St Mary

Ankergasse 42, 63808 Haibach, DE

* Stations of the Cross: 15 stations to the Resurrection
* Chapel of St Mary: Built in 1983 by the Women of the Schoenstatt movement; inside is an image of the Mother of God, the "Schoenstatt Madonna". Place for May devotions, rosary devotions, ecumenical devotion on the evening of Christmas Day since 1996.

Wayside shrine Bildbuche and Stornackerkopf

Unnamed Road, 63768 Hösbach, DE

* “Bildbuche“ - Beech tree with shrine: Legend of the Abbess of Schmerlenbach
* Wayside shrine at the Stornackerkopf: A soldier returning home from Napoleon's military campaign was robbed and killed here.


Burgstraße 81/2, 63808 Haibach, DE

Burg Kindergarten:
Run by the Johannesverein since 1930,
with convent sisters until 1997
Today: 3 kindergarten groups and 2 crèche groups

Sculpture of two siblings

Ringwallstraße 28, 63808 Haibach, DE

* Sculpture of two siblings: The children of the legend of the Ketzelburg. The two siblings is a station on the European Cultural Trail.
* Stone commemorating the 100th anniversary of the TV Haibach (Gymnastics Club)
* Wayside Shrine to “Mary, Duchess of Franconia“


Ulmenstraße 14, 63808 Haibach, DE

Archaeological excavations in 2004 and 2014 following geophysical prospection:
Residential tower, wooden fortifications surrounded by a ditch, wooden huts nearby: rampart of wooden palisades. Beginnings of an extension. The Ketzelburg existed for only a few years (around 1180).
The Ketzelburg is a station of the European Cultural Trail and is protected as an Archaeological Monument

Haibacher Schweiz

Ahornstraße 13, 63808 Haibach, DE

Large recreational area:
* Wingert - a former vineyard
* The house of „Olga of Russia“
* Klappermühlchen – a little water mill
* Fountain
* Barbecue area
* Water treading area
* Playground

in the Schweiz-forest

Haibacher Straße, 63739 Aschaffenburg, DE

* Forest nature trail
* Nordic Walking trail
* Forest kindergarten

the High Cross

63808 Haibach, DE

The High Cross
- Erected: 1844 (under monument protection)
- End of the 2nd World War: The Fallen and the Deceased from Haibach Auxiliary Hospital buried in collective graves
- 1947 Individual graves laid
- 1964 "Weeping Women“ Memorial (under monument protection)
- 1971 Redesign of Military cemetery
- 1980 Memorial stone of the 106th Infantry Regiment
The High Cross is a station of the European Cultural Trail and is under monument protection.

Waldfriedhof - the Forest Cemetery

Büchelbergstraße 82, 63808 Haibach, DE

* 1962 Waldfriedhof – Forest Cemetery
* 1982 new funeral hall (Artist Siegfried Rischar, Aschaffenburg)
* 1999 columbarium - wall of urns
* 2019 tree graves
* 2020 Garden of Remembrance for Babies and Children

wayside shrines and the rocks

Büchelbergstraße 67, 63808 Haibach, DE

* The Sauer wayside shrine 1945: Commemorating the murder of the haulage contractor Georg Sauer
* The Mantel wayside shrine 1945: Erected in gratitude for returning home after the war
* A group of biotite gneiss rocks, under nature conservation: “Wendelberg gneiss“

Knochengarten and Wildlife Park

Eichenstraße 1, 63808 Haibach, DE

* The Knochengarten, alias Bone Garden: supervised adventure playground
* Wildlife park: in addition to animals there are also recreation huts and playgrounds; assisted by "WIPI" (Wildlife Park Initiative)
* Climbing forest: five different courses at heights ranging from 3 to 12 meters

At the Antonsruh

Ringwallstraße 1, 63808 Haibach, DE

* Senior citizens’ playground - fitness trail
* Antonsruh: Clubhouse of the Spessart Hikers’ Society
* Memorial stone of the Hikers’ Society

School centre

Ringwallstraße 5, 63808 Haibach, DE

* School centre: Primary and secondary school
* Memorial stone of the Fruit Growers’ Society
* Mammoth tree - Tree of Friendship with Marck in France


Ringwallstraße 60, 63808 Haibach, DE

* Handball Club clubhouse with beach handball court
* Sports gym at the Hoher Kreuz: triple-purpose gym
* SV Alemannia sports field and clubhouse – Football Club

The Three Crosses

Bessenbacher Weg 19, 63808 Haibach, DE

The Three Crosses
Featured in the village coat of arms
Legend: A fight between two girls who were friends in the days of Knight Reiner von Heydebach.
He went on a pilgrimage to atone and later died between the two crosses (newly erected in 1954)
The Three Crosses are a station of the European Cultural Trail and are under monument protection.

Paul-Gerhardt-Church and Marienkindergarten

Paul-Gerhardt-Straße 9, 63808 Haibach, DE

* Paul Gerhardt Church: Protestant church since 1958, also Church of the Old Catholics.
* Marien-Kindergarten: built in 1972 by the church foundation; run by the St. Johannesverein. Also a crèche here from 2012 till 2020

Old post road – Brunnenstube – Quarry Wendelberg

Wendelbergstraße 30, 63739 Aschaffenburg, DE

* Old post road from Brussels via Frankfurt, Würzburg and Nuremberg to Prague.
* First well room for the water pipeline to Aschaffenburg Castle (preceding building 1525)
* Quarry until 1975 where the biotite gneiss -"Haibacher Blaue"- was mined. Discovery site of the manganese garnet "Spessartin".
The quarry, the Brunnenstube and the Alte Poststraße are stations of the European Cultural Trail.

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Dörrmorsbach entdecken

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